Buy the Latest Mini UPS Router at the Best Price in BD!

Mini UPS is commonly used as a backup power source to protect devices like routers from getting damaged due to sudden power cuts or power fluctuations. In the context of Bangladesh, Mini UPS is important as power surges are common here. The stability of an Internet connection mainly depends on the Wi-Fi router which can get affected by the power fluctuations. Therefore, Mini DC UPS for routers is inevitable to have continuity of productivity. To protect people’s productivity from getting disturbed by the potential damages, Rose Tech has brought Mini UPS of various popular brands under one roof at a budget-friendly price range in BD.

Latest Mini UPS for Router Pricelist in BD

Mini UPS for Router List Price in BD
WGP 8800MAh Multi Output Mini UPS for Router 2,000৳
Marsriva KP1 Plus 18W 16000mAh Mini DC UPS 3,700৳
Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W 16000mAh Mini DC UPS 4,500৳
Marsriva KP2 Ultra 30W 16000mAh Mini DC UPS 4,500৳
WGP 8000mAh Mini UPS for Wifi Router 2,400৳
SKE SK616 15600mAh Mini DC UPS for Wifi Router 3,900৳
MARSRIVA KP9 20000mAh Smart Mini DC UPS for Router 0৳
MARSRIVA KP7 17600mAh Smart Mini DC UPS for Router 7,800৳

Where Can I Find the Best Suited Mini UPS?

After gaining knowledge about Mini UPS used for routers, you can come to any showroom of Rose Tech near you to buy one at a reasonable price range in BD. Rose Tech is the leading tech-retail company continuously serving the people of Bangladesh with tech products, devices, and gadgets since 2007. Apart from Mini UPS which is commonly used for routers, Star Rose sells Desktop PCs, Laptops, Smart Watches, Smartphones, Cameras, Headphones, Gaming Accessories, Home Appliances, UPS, etc. to the customers of BD. You can also order products online and get them delivered to your doorstep at any location. Stay with Rose Tech to buy the latest and best tech products and devices.

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